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Enjoy your holiday with bespoke babysitting services provided by Tripsitta

At Podere Conti, our commitment to enhancing your family travel experience has led us to an exciting collaboration with Tripsitta, offering a specialized addition to our childcare services. Tripsitta, a global babysitting and nanny service, ensures trustworthy and high-quality childcare during your family travels.

Discover Tripsitta:

Visit to explore seamless babysitting services ranging from local babysitters to holiday nannies and event childcare. Tripsitta is dedicated to tailoring every family journey to meet the diverse needs of our guests.

Why Tripsitta?

  1. Quality Childcare: All Tripsitta babysitters and nannies undergo a rigorous recruitment process, including background checks, ensuring peace of mind for parents.

  2. Profile/Language Choice: Customize your search based on Tripsitta profiles, including age group preferences, years of experience, skills, talents, and language needs.

  3. Groups & Events: Tripsitta caters to small groups of children and provides childcare during events hosted at Podere Conti, allowing parents to explore local sites or enjoy special occasions worry-free.

  4. Easy Booking Process: Securing personalized childcare services for your family is a breeze with Tripsitta. Visit and follow the easy steps to book a babysitter.

An Exclusive Offer for Our Guests:

As a token of our gratitude for choosing Podere Conti, we've partnered with Tripsitta to bring you an exclusive offer! Book your babysitting services through Tripsitta and enjoy a special 10% discount by using the unique code: PodereConti10.

How to Redeem Your Exclusive Offer:

  1. Explore the curated selection of babysitting services.

  2. Choose the service that suits your family's needs and select your preferred dates.

  3. During the booking process, enter the discount code PodereConti10 to unlock your 10% discount.

  4. Complete your booking and get ready for an unforgettable family getaway!

Why Choose Podere Conti with Tripsitta?

By booking your babysitting services through Tripsitta, you not only enjoy an exclusive discount but also gain access to a seamless and delightful childcare experience tailored for our guests. Our commitment to exceptional service is complemented by Tripsitta's dedication to providing memorable family journeys.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your family travel experience. Visit Tripsitta today and unlock a world of family-friendly possibilities with Podere Conti.

Safe travels, and we look forward to hosting your family soon!


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