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Our sustainable vision for Podere Conti

Taking stewardship of an abandoned estate, left to re-wild for over 20 years, has allowed us to observe the power of mother-nature around us.   

We believe in working with nature rather than against it; combining rotational livestock grazing with fruit tree planting in closed-loop cycles we have been able to multiply synergies and create a sustainable agricultural system.Beyond our commitment to sustainable agriculture we practise forestry management which provides us with wood heating and fence posts; recuperate mountain and rain water, compost organic waste and use animal manure to improve the soil structure in our no-dig vegetable garden. 

Seasonality, foraging and no waste are the core principles of our restaurant which strives for balanced integrated ecosystems.  We are dedicated to sustainable rural regeneration supported by eco-friendly tourism, to provide our guests with a truly unique and responsible experience. 

After many years of working and travelling abroad we were seeking the perfect place to raise our young and growing family.


From our family to yours

When we stumbled upon an abandoned property bordering a National Park in the wild valley of Lunigiana, we immediately saw the opportunity of a lifetime and the concept for Podere Conti was born. Today, along with our older children, our family-run estate is not only our home, but a place where we can share our way of life and offer a very personal touch to our guests, providing a true home from home experience.

Corrado & Cornelia Conti

Paradiso Conti: your home from home in Tuscany

Nicknamed “Paradiso Conti” by many who’ve stayed here, it truly is a corner of heaven where time slows down and you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Come and experience our home from home hospitality, catch your breath with clean mountain air and let the expansive views soothe your mind. All while contributing to the balance of nature we strive for at Podere Conti. 

“We want to express our deep gratitude to our loyal guests over the years, we couldn't be where we are today without you.

We look forward to welcoming you back and meeting new friends as we continue to create joyful memories together.”

the Conti Family

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