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The Way we Cook

For us, the quality and importance of the raw product is always the starting point for developing our dishes.

By respecting the wholesomeness and quality of the product, we apply new cooking techniques (low temperature, cooking pot, cooking oil) to create simple preparations with reference to rural traditional dishes.


To this end, our restaurant is driven to revive forgotten cuts and recipes combined with a fine dining experience.

As sheep farmers, we consider all parts of an animal as precious and not to be wasted. 

UPVIVIUM competition –
ZeroKM Gastronomic Reserve

Upvivium is a national Italian cooking competition organised by MAB Unesco, ALMA International Cooking School and our local Emilian-Tuscan Apennine National Park to valorize both agricultural food producers and restaurants in the country’s Biosphere Reserves.

Our participation in Upvivium over the years has permitted us to discover the wealth and sheer magnitude of traditionally produced local food available in our culinary renowned area of Lunigiana.

As a true AGRICHEF, Giulio knows how to exploit the biodiversity of the many wonderful Lunigianese products, which he masters in his dishes.


Our agri-chef Giulio Bellano

Lunigiana (Zeraschi) born and bred, Giulio completed hotel school in Massa and gained experience at local coastal restaurants such as Iseo in Portovenere and Splendido in Portofino, before completing 11 seasons at the Cipriani of Venice, which took him travelling around the world (including 5 years of Oscar banquets in LA).  After a winter season at Podere Conti in 2011, Giulio was called back to the Cipriani with title of Chef de Garde Manager for one last season, after which returned to his roots and managed his own agricultural business in Borghetto di Vara.

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