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How you can help

We ask all visitors to respect our differential /recycling rubbish collection policy (you can find details in your room and here)

Guests can decide when or how often we change their towels and sheets – energy consuming laundry can be avoided by simple communication but we are happy to change your linen every day if needed

Get involved – guests are invited to join in on daily activities such as tending to the animals or harvesting / foraging. Find out more about our organic farming practices at Podere Conti

At Podere Conti we are dedicated to proactively implementing measures that will help protect and sustain the environment for our future generations.


Our commitment to a sustainable future

We strive to build a more sustainable future for our planet by reducing our energy and resource use, supporting renewable energy, and creating meaningful economic and social value in the communities where we live.

Our commitment to a sustainable future

  • We use solar panels to generate hot water for peak summer demands and our wood for heating

  • To promote biodiversity and soil health without damaging local ecosystems

  • Through limited and selective timber thinning and tree planting.  Using damaged and/or pruned wood for heating and wood chip production

  • By reclaiming mounting springs and collecting rainwater from roofs with UV light disinfection for agricultural use and biolake maintenance

  • Through the restoration of historic buildings and creating meaningful economic and social value to the local community

  • Through recycling and composting of organic waste

  • By training our staff to be committed to our environmental goals and hosting environmental workshops

  • Practise of ZeroKM sourcing with suppliers who have compatible policies for managing their impact on the environment

  • Reduction by producing our own mineral water using the system ® by S.I.D.E.A. Italia with a NATURIZZATORE® licensed and approved by the Ministry of Health and using refillable organic toiletries in our guest bathrooms

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