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Private Anukalana Yoga Classes

Book a private Anukalana yoga class with our local yoga teacher Simona.


Simona describes Anukalana yoga as a fluid and dynamic yoga, a dance with yourself, a discovery of one’s own body, breath after breath.

75 minutes – Euro 30 (for 1 or 2 persons, from 3rd person + Euro 15 a person)

Book ahead to check availability.

We strive to provide guests with the best possible experience by offering a variety of services provided by local practitioners


To enjoy during your stay

Treat yourself to a Massage

  • Traditional combination of massage, acupressure and stretching

    70 minutes – Euro 75
    90 minutes – Euro 85

  • Using natural oils to work along the energy lines

    70 minutes – Euro 75
    90 minutes – Euro 85

  • Using oils in soft, long, kneading strokes, as well as light, rhythmic, tapping strokes, on topmost layers of muscles, sometimes combined with movement of the joints, to relieve muscle tension, both relaxing or energising

    60 minutes - Euro 60
    120 minutes - Euro 100

  • Focusing on tense muscles as a physical result of stress as well as taking into account a client's emotional and spiritual well-being, making holistic massage a choice treatment for today's demanding lifestyle

    60 minutes - Euro 60
    120 minutes - Euro 100

  • Full body scrub using appropriately aromatized sale to exfoliate, soften and heal the skin followed by shower and full body massage with oils to moisturise

    90 minutes - Euro 70

  • Practised with oils to ease the long motions that are particular to this technique, it is a psych corporeal approach type of massage, which means that it takes care of the body's entirety, equally on a physical, psychological and emotional level.

    60 minutes - Euro 70

  • Therapy often described as palm healing or hands-on-body healing in which a practitioner places hands lightly on or over a patient's body (fully clothed) to facilitate the patient's process of healing. Reiki combines the Japanese and Chinese word-characters of "rei" (spiritual or supernatural) and "ki" (vital energy).

    60 minutes – Euro 60

  • Involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet, based on the idea that the feet are connected to certain organs and body systems

    60 minutes – Euro 60

  • Kobido is an ancient Japanese manual facial massage technique, literally "The Way of Beauty".

    Gives an effective natural lifting effect on the face, neck and décolleté, the skin will be more relaxed, luminous and toned. It reduces stress, muscular and mental tensions, favors the flow of vital energy. Camellia oil is used, rich in vitamins and suitable for this type of massage.

    60 minutes - 70 euros

  • Shiatsu, literally "finger pressure", is a natural and non-invasive manual discipline that was born in Japan.

    The treatment is personalized according to the recipient's condition, in a harmonious and welcoming way. Pressure stimuli favor the person's physiological processes.

    Relieves tension and improves the general state of well-being of the person, favors the flow of vital energy "Ki" or "Qi" in Chinese.

    It is practiced lying down on a mat on the floor. Comfortable clothing is recommended.

    60 minutes – Euro 60

Indulge in a relaxing massage in the privacy of your room or in the beautiful natural surroundings of Podere Conti. Choose from a wide range of massage options for the ultimate pampering experience.

  • A quick and easy way to get started, Modern Energy Tapping provides the energetic nourishment we all need to become stronger and happier.

  • Emotions are energy in motion - energy in action. Positive energy lifts uor state of mind, body and spirit.

  • To help us become more energy aware and provide us the tools and techniques to better interact with one another.

  • Learn new mind skills and all that we can do with our amazing, beautiful mind.

  • The energy of the “Star Story”.  Every memory has a specific field of energy and this technique aims to connect and unlock important information of your Star Memory.

Modern Energy Techniques

Are you ready to feel better and recharge your batteries? Book in with our local Modern Energist, Marina,  to improve your energy flow and enable an energetic transformation.

Marina believes her job is to make people happier through re-combining Love and Logic.  Marina speaks Italian (mother-tongue), English and Spanish.

Treatment sessions last 75 minutes and cost Euro 75.

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