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Medievalis - Pontremoli

Distance from Podere Conti: 10 minutes’ drive

When: Thursday-Sunday on the weekend after Ferragosto (15 August)


Each year Pontremoli hosts the Medievalis festival, transporting the town and its people back in time to the mediaeval era. The festival features mediaeval camps, horse jousting, flag throwing competitions, live music, markets and street food. It’s a unique and exciting event that offers visitors a chance to experience the rich cultural heritage of Pontremoli and the region.

Premio Letterario Bancarella - Pontremoli

When: Last Saturday or Sunday in July


The Premio Letterario Bancarella is an Italian literary prize that has been awarded since 1953 and is voted for by booksellers. The award was first won by Ernest Hemmingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea” and continues to attract literary enthusiasts from around the world. It’s well worth a visit to experience the excitement of this prestigious literary award.

Distance from Podere Conti: 10 minutes’ drive

Immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant culture of Lunigiana


by attending some of it’s most renowned festivals and events. From mediaeval markets to literary events, there’s something for everyone right on our doorstep. All that remains is to check your dates and start planning!

Mercato Medievale di Filetto - Filetto

Distance from Podere Conti: 20 minutes’ drive

When: during the week of Ferragosto (15 August)

The Mercato Medievale di Filetto offers visitors four days of market stalls, artisanal goods and mediaeval displays. Traditional food and live music add to the ambiance and it’s a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the mediaeval history and culture of the area.

I Mestieri nel Borgo - Ponticello

Distance from Podere Conti: 10 minutes’ drive

When: during the week of Ferragosto (15 August)

Each summer, the mediaeval hamlet of Ponticello showcases the ancient crafts and trades typical of the region. In addition to the artisans and craftsmen there are also market stalls and food vendors, making it a great event for visitors to experience the traditional cuisine and culture of Lunigiana.

Festa della Fame e della Sete - Filattiera

Distance from Podere Conti: 15 minutes’ drive

When: last weekend of June


The annual Festa della Fame e della Sete - festival of the hungry and thirsty - is held in the historical centre of Filattiera, which is also very nearby. The festival features local food and wine, with live music adding to the festive atmosphere. The festival is a wonderful opportunity to experience the local culture and cuisine of Filattiera and the surrounding region.

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