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Sunset Martial Arts

Spring Start Retreat
2 & 23 April 2022   15:00-17:00

A workshop dedicated to the theme of Spring Energy

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We will explore the ancient Chinese principles for "cultivating life" (yanghseng) this season.

We will discuss energy nutrition, self-treatment of points and meridians, qi gong and meditation.

There will be moments of practice and sharing in reserved spaces and there will be the constant presence of Giovanna to accompany you step by step both in theory and in practice.

The workshop will culminate with some tea and treats!

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Giovanna Cantarelli
always been passionate about Oriental Philosophies, holds a Degree in Philosophy and practices as a Qi Gong Instructor and Tuina Operator for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Giovanna lives between Florence and Carrara and speaks both Italian and English and offers to host the workshop in both languages.

From Giovanna: "I hope you can join us for a new path full of energy"

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€ 35pp


Limited numbers and subject to a minimum participation of 6 persons
(to be confirmed at least 10 days prior to event)

Comfortable and "layered" clothing is recommended, as well as comfortable, closed flat shoes. 

For any other information and booking, please contact:


+39 3357021387

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