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Six Sounds Mantra Retreat
14 May 2022 & 30 June 2022   10:30-19:00

There are many and different traditions of this sequence also known as "The Six Therapeutic Sounds"


A one day experiential workshop.


What I am proposing in this Seminar is Liuzijue: a traditional exercise of Chinese long-life practices for which the Ma family is particularly renowned in China.

Master Ma Litang has in fact dedicated a good part of his life to perfecting this technique and to recovering the original pronunciations of the sounds. His is considered a great contribution to increasing the effectiveness of this exercise, so much so that, among many, this is the version officially recognized in China today.

In this technique, focused on the re balancing of internal organs and hormonal rhythms, six different sounds are used which, thanks to the different position of the lips, tongue and teeth, allow to influence the circulation of qi in the human body to nourish the internal organs.

10.30/12,30 Practice
followed by a vegetarian lunch,

Free Time
16:30/19:00 Practice


Giovanna Cantarelli
always been passionate about Oriental Philosophies, holds a Degree in Philosophy and practices as a Qi Gong Instructor and Tuina Operator for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Giovanna lives between Florence and Carrara and speaks both Italian and English and offers to host the workshop in both languages.

From Giovanna: " Sound is a vibration that gives the green light to Sensations and Emotions, which work in the depths of the body and mind ..."

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€ 80 pp

including lunch


Limited numbers and subject to a minimum participation of 6 persons
(to be confirmed at least 10 days prior to event)

Comfortable and "layered" clothing is recommended, as well as comfortable, closed flat shoes. 

For any other information and booking, please contact:

+39 3357021387

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