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Podere Conti is nestled in the foothills of the Tuscan-Emilian Appenines  with breathtaking views across the Magra valley and the Apuan Alps.  There are various trails from the property up to the National Park or following  the Via Francigena or Via Santo Volto.



Distance from Podere Conti: 10 minutes 


The Podere Conti estate spans into  

the National Park - there are many walks  

and trails, from easy to challenging, 

directly from the property. 


Enter the park via the Prati di Lorgarghena, famous for picnics and hosting the Festa della Giunchiglia dedicated to fields of a rare, almost extinct, wild white daffodil (on the second Sunday of May each year). 



Distance from Podere Conti: 10 minutes 


The ancient medieval pilgrims route  

from notrh Europe to Rome 

runs through the Cisa Pass  

and along the valley Magra of Lunigiana. 


First documented in 725, the route became renowned 

when the Archibishop of Canterbury, Segeric the Serious, diarised his route to and from Rome  

at the end of the 10th century. 


Today many pilgrims like to retrace this historic route, 

visiting the churches and villages along the way.



Distance from Podere Conti: 10 minutes walk 


The Via del Volto Santo traces the journey of the Holy Face of Lucca, a life-size wooden crucifix deemed to be the true likeness of Jesus as legend decreed it was scultured by Nicodemus, who assisted Joseph of Arimathea in depositing Christ in the tomb. 


Said to have arrived by sea at Luni and pulled in a cart by oxen to Lucca, there is a similar story about the arrival of the Volto Santo of Dobbiana, preserved in our local church of San Giovanni Battista.  

The inhabitants of Dobbiana celebrate the Festa of Santa Croce twice a year (3 May and 14 September) with a procession of the Volto Santo to the village of Tarasco.



Distance from Podere Conti: 30 min  


Explore this narrow canyon on the river Gordana with gorge walls over 50m high and 500m long containing rock pools and rock samples such as the red and green jasper used to sculpt many of the alters in Pontremoli’s churches  

Not suitable for small children as requires walking/swimming through the river, the depth of which depends on recent rainfall.  

Recommend booking a guided tour with SIGERIC who organise half day trips (9:30-13:30) every Saturday from April till September and also Thursdays in July and August, and can supply wetsuits, helmets and lifejackets as required. 



Distance from Podere Conti: 45 min  


Geo-Archeo Park Equi 


A Karst complex of speleological, naturalistic, paleontological and archaeological interest.  


Visit chambers with spectacular stalactites, little lakes and visit the Tecchia (prehistoric rock shelter) and Buca dei Serpi (Giant’s kettle) or visit the ApuanGeoLab – an interactive museum of Earth Sciences.

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