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From farm to table and back again, La Tavolata strives for sustainability by adopting a Zero KM and Zero Waste practice. Ingredients are sourced from our organically certified farm and, where possible, local organic suppliers.

All bread, pasta and desserts are made on the premises using locally stone-milled flours and our own natural sourdough yeast. 


We believe nature is best in deciding which  seasonal ingredients to use, and we therefore offer a menu of house plates and our daily specials.

House Dishes


House Starters

Platter of local cured meats & cheeses with fried bread dough,
typical local savoury pie, battered seasonal flowers/veg, nibbles
14 €

First Course

Half moon shaped borrage and ricotta tortelli with Podere Conti's lamb Bolognaise
12 €

Second Course

Organic Fiorentina steak
with side dishes & dips
5 € / 100g


Bitter chocolate fondant,
passion fruit coulis &  ice-cream*
9 €



Stuffed cabbage leaves with cream of pecorino & braised onions
9 €

First Course


Classic carbonara

12 €

Second Course


Sliced steak with wild berries

17 €



Limoncello sorbet
7 €

Kids Dishes


Pesto pasta
6 €

Ice-cream* Cone

2 €

*Prepared, flash frozen & conserved at –18°

Cover Charge

3 € per person

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