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Relax & Unwind
 Our Luxury Agriturismo Boutique Resort has a 230m2 biolake

Perfect for cooling off on a hot summer day or for relaxing and enjoying the view.  


Our biolake is a chlorine free eco friendly pool with a large shallow end for kids (50cm depth) and a hydromassage to soothe the body.

Our biolake is split into 2 pools, one which houses acquatic plants that clean the water by process of phytodepuration which then falls via waterfall into the second pool for swimming.


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A biolake uses water plants and their microorganisms to replace the use of chlorine.  Water plants purify the water by filtering the constituents that cause turbidity by absorbing mineral nutrients, heavy metals and possible toxic organic compounds.

As a consequence, biolakes are more gentle on your skin, leaving you refreshed by purely natural water.


Our biolake is open all year round allowing for cold water swimming as well as pleasantly warm bathing in the summer months when the pool is fed by the naturally heated shallower plant pool.


The use of the biolake is strictly reserved for resident guests only. 

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